About Countdown Cards

We are a Winchester based husband and wife team.  Our inspiration for our innovative cards came from our son Jago who was disappointed to find no more windows to open on his Advent Calendar during Boxing Day. We thought that we’d buy him a birthday advent card and were very surprised that we couldn’t find anything at all like it on the market.

Jago’s dad is a graphic designer and he set to work creating a fun, bright and appealing birthday countdown card.  We tried out various different designs and layouts and tested them out on children, using hand-made versions of the cards cut out and glued painstakingly on our dining room table, eventually settling on an unusual concertina fold and 8 windows.  Jago was delighted when he opened his very own birthday countdown card as he approached his 5th birthday.

Countdown Cards do so much more than ordinary birthday cards. They

·         help manage pre birthday excitement

·         encourage animal and number recognition

·         give a fun and clear guide about the time leading up to the big day

·         act as a birthday reminder to busy family and friends when the opening of the first window is proudly displayed on social media 😉

·         are a week long reminder that the sender has taken the time and trouble to find something really special

As one Granny said with a glint in her eye. ”I love the fact that my Granddaughter is getting such excitement and anticipation coming up to her birthday AND that my card is on display for a week longer than everyone else’s

We are currently working our next set of card designs.  Keep in touch with us on our Facebook or Instagram pages, let us know what you would like to see next. 

Jim Gemma and Jago