Frequently asked questions

1.        Can you post directly to the recipient?

Yes, just click on the birthday card you would like to personalise and fill in the recipient’s details.  Make sure you let us know how to address the enveloe!

Remember to include who the card is to, your short message and who the card is from!  We will then handwrite the message for you.

2.       Are you able to send a birthday present too? 

Yes, we have exclusive T-shirts, which have been handprinted with the Countdown Cuckoo and “are we nearly there yet “

3.       How quickly do you normally post out? 

Normally within 24 hours so don’t worry it the birthday countdown is nearly upon you.

4.       Can I specify a date in the future to have the card posted?

Yes, pop this in the notes section and we will remember the date for you!

5.        I like to get organised; do you charge postage on every card sent? 

We love organised people!  For cards, we only charge 75p postage, however many cards you order to be sent direct to you.

6.       Are you cards in cellophane?

No, we support plastic free as much as possible.  If the card is being sent directly to you, we will just pop the card and envelope in another plain envelope.

7.       How will the birthday person know to open their card before their birthday? 

The envelope will be hand stamped with a message saying Countdown Card enclosed, open today.

8.        Are your cards just for children?

They are aimed at younger children but lots of adults have enjoyed opening their cards and counting down to their birthday, especially if it is a significant one!

9.        Do you have a reminder service?

This is something Colin the Countdown Cuckoo is working hard to provide.  In the meantime you can subscribe to Countdown News and be alerted when it is ready!

10.   Are your cards printed overseas?

NO! we were keen to support UK businesses and used a printer in our local town to make these cards for us.

11.   I run a shop, do you sell to wholesalers?

Yes, please email us at for a price list.